Jamie Pitt Jamie Pitt


Production Company: www.risemedia.co.uk
Client: Croydon Council

Producer/Director/Editor: Jamie Pitt
Co-Director: Mike Lienard
Cam Op (Interviews): Janina Mistecky
Sound Recordist: Jonathan Box

Every year, the Director of Public Health for Croydon Rachel Flowers releases an annual report, which focuses in on a key health issue present in the community and offers guidance for the year ahead. Of course, the only issue on anyone's minds for the 2021 report was COVID, and to commemorate the importance of this year's report, Croydon Council decided to commission a documentary to release alongside the written guidance. The documentary was to be a real representation of the hardships the people of Croydon suffered during lockdowns, and an examination of how inequalities had widened in that time.

The lovely folks at Rise Media approached me about producing the project, and given my background making videos for both the charity and health sectors, I leapt at the opportunity. In the end we produced a powerful 10-minute documentary representing Croydon residents from all sorts of backgrounds, be that faith, ethnicity, class or workplace. Alongside this, we produced a full BSL version in order for all members of the community to be able to see it, as well as a shorter version for social media.