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Working with the fantastic teams at Rustle Up Productions and Toucan Productions, I was brought on board to help edit together this project for GSK Pharmaceuticals. In any normal year, the Transformational Medicine Awards would be held as big events in New York and London, full of glitz and glamour, but in 2020, these plans had to be shelved, and instead of a well-meaning but potentially quite bland Zoom presentation, GSK decided to pull out all the stops and instead opt for a full one-hour video package they could livestream on the night.

It was a tough proposition: each presenter would be announcing only a few awards each, so we had to devise a workflow that would enable us to keep track of over a dozen different shoots occurring both in the UK and the US, adding layer upon layer of sound, music, titles and B-roll, whilst also managing expectations and keeping track of feedback coming in from multiple stakeholders. It was a challenge for sure, and it required constant vigilance and a good amount of accountability within the team, but after many stressful days, we completed the full video on time, and I left very proud of the end result.

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